X-Mode – Cherry Bomb

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The Original Energy Flavor Bomb!

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The most popular flavor.

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87 reviews for X-Mode – Cherry Bomb

  1. John Durila (verified owner)

    Great flavor and savings. Fraction of the price of single serving shots. I like low waste of the product.

  2. i8ntrt (verified owner)

    Cherry bomb is the bomb. Great flavor. I fact all the flavors are great.

  3. Kimberly Collier (verified owner)

    After trying MULTIPLE energy shots on the market, I finally found XMode. And, even though I was reluctant at first (I wanted to try a single shot before buying the 100 shot box) I went ahead and ordered the box. Oh my word… I am SO GLAD I did!
    Reasons why:
    1. The taste is amazing, no medicinal after taste, no weird flavoring, the Cherry Bomb is so good I literally could drink it as a drink (don’t do that, though!)
    2. The energy boost is almost immediate. I can feel the boost and the extra alertness within minutes of drinking the shot.
    3. No jitters, no shaky feeling. Just pure energy, alertness and the feeling of ready to conquer the days tasks!
    4. The ease of use and storage. No need having 50-100 little bottles of energy shots stored in the refrigerator when you can have the tower — takes up about the same amount of room as a half gallon of milk — sitting on a shelf and ready to use. (We have bought many towers/boxes and never had any trouble with the tap system – works like a charm every time.)
    5. Cost. How can I even begin to explain the amount of money my husband and I have saved by switching to XMode Energy. I guess the best way to put it is the energy shots we were consuming were costing us over $150 (sometimes closer to $200) for the same amount of product that now costs us $29.99.

    With XMode tasting better, being more convenient to store and use, giving us more energy that lasts longer and being 1/4 of the price why would we choose anything else?

    If you are thinking about ordering, not sure about ordering or are wondering if you should give XMode a try. Go ahead and ORDER, you will be amazed at the results!

  4. Jimmie Davis (verified owner)

    Tried the Jacked Apple after the Cherry Bomb. Cherry Bomb is my fav. Ordered up another Cherry. Love this stuff. I keep in the frig, just slide the lil bottle under the tap and fill it up. So easy and much cheaper.

  5. terrynicoll (verified owner)

    I am a returning customer. I love the flavor and the ease of using the bottles and shot glass! I have been buying 5 hour energy for years but when I found these I stopped all others . Shot per shot this this the cheapest way to go!

  6. jdoncarlos (verified owner)

    I am returning customer, love the convenience of the box/tap, no more bottles to mess with-good for the environment. Love the flavors, cost savings and quick shipping.

  7. Richard LaFave (verified owner)

    Returning customer, these guys are great and product is awesome. Less expensive and better than what you get in stores. Always quick and professional service also!

  8. Ronald Gainey (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple energy shot products, starting with that famous “name brand”. This product is, for me, clearly the “category killer”.

    It tastes better than any other competing product I have tried.
    It has the best price of any of the competing products I have tried.
    They always ship promptly and it arrives just as promised.

    Excellent product. Great company.

  9. junk (verified owner)

    Great stuff. The flavor is great…. a little tart. Price is fantastic compared to other energy drinks and it is very convenient!

  10. Richard LaFave (verified owner)

    Great product and always fast shipping!

  11. Josh Ball (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor!!

  12. Melvin Marshall

    There aren’t enough Words or stars for rating XMode. Quality product and Outstanding Company. I’m Hooked… How do I become a Distributor? I have referred ALOT of people to get your products.

  13. Josh Ball (verified owner)

    This is my favorite

  14. daniel ross (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of X-Mode. Cherry tastes great and the savings over other energy drinks is substantial. I kept my energy drink keg by my desk and can get a little pick me up whenever I need it. I love that I can have less than a full dose whenever I want.

  15. jdoncarlos (verified owner)

    Cherry flavor is the bomb, save lots of money buying in bulk, dispenser box is great!

  16. Donald Wright (verified owner)

    I love the cherry it’s just right.
    The apple is a little sour.
    I still would like a flavor in BlackBerry jam.

  17. Richard Reategui

    I love the flavor and the fact there’s no crash effect after taking. I would definitely continue to use this product

  18. arpfiveguys (verified owner)

    Best energy shots out there. I usually purchase the Cherry one, but i just bought Apple to try that flavor out. Not only do these work better than any other ones on the market, you can’t beat the price and delivery is free and fast It’s a win win. I will never buy a different brand again.

  19. alexsishall (verified owner)

    I am a new user of XMODE however I have been an energy drink user for years. First off the flavor is great. I got the Cherry Bomb and it was really good. I didn’t have to hold my breath and and then gobble it down like others out on the market. I am going to try the Apple next.
    I am always skeptical about trying new energy drinks as they usually don’t work on me. However one shot of XMODE and I am good to go for my work shift.
    A big plus about the dispenser is it doesn’t leak drops once you have siphoned/stop pouring your shot. I actually have this on a shelf above my TV in the office (easy access while working) and I don’t need to worry about it getting on my shelves. I love the concept of using one container! It is so eco-friendly and responsible. No more cans etc. I can take my shots and know I am doing good also.
    I start my work shift at 4 AM so I need something to wake me up. Also I need something mid day around 5 PM as I start getting drained. This does the trick! I do not like drinking coffee other than in the morning but now I don’t need to!
    Buy it you won’t be sorry!

  20. Eric Freeman (verified owner)

    Great product and price. Love the flavor and the dispenser I’ve been purchasing this product for over a year. I wold recommend the product and company.

  21. erin.jane.rivera (verified owner)

    Works and tastes great

  22. vic carrick (verified owner)

    Taste grate! Picks you up! Easy to get! Easy to pour!

  23. jbarclay

    Been using this product for 2 years now, by far the best value and it works fantastic!!!

  24. rickeyjones1109 (verified owner)

    Taste is great, works, cheap, easy delivery, really no down side to this product

  25. bootlegmn (verified owner)

    Have used x-mode for almost two years now, once or twice a day to keep me going. Great price, great taste, nice selection of flavors, and it works everytime I use it. Problem free delivery, I order it…two or three days later it’s on my porch. This is the no-brainer of the energy shot world…srsly!!! Gotta’ run, full of energy and money in my pocket…

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