X-Mode – Cherry Bomb

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The Original Energy Flavor Bomb!

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The most popular flavor.

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88 reviews for X-Mode – Cherry Bomb

  1. Kevin G (verified owner)

    Good flavor, great price. And as others have mentioned no bunches of small plastic bottles to get rid of.

  2. justinlokey (verified owner)

    Great Product Monthly buyer. Part of my daily routine.

  3. Pam Darby (verified owner)

    Love the flavor Cherry Bomb and the energy I get from just one shot! Highly recommend!

  4. coachjimparker (verified owner)

    I have been using X-Mode Cherry Bomb for a few years now and love it! Not only does it give me amazing energy, it tastes great. It is the best bargain every when you can get 50 2oz servings for less than $1 each. Jim Parker, Asheville, NC

  5. justinlokey (verified owner)

    I purchase this product so often. I am going to set up a monthly rotating order. I add the shots to teas, and other beverages
    for an enhancement to my daily fluids. I am a Happy Camper on Xmode. JL

  6. marepare22 (verified owner)

    I had previously avoided ordering this flavor for my husband because we wrongly assumed it would taste like cough syrup or cherry candy. Boy were we wrong! It tastes like real cherries and it’s now tied with Jacked Apple as his favorite flavor.

  7. rdykhuizen (verified owner)

    There isn’t a flavor I dislike. They are all great and I love having the variety (when it’s in stock). I hope more flavors are added soon. I think the product works as advertised and it’s very easy to dispense.

  8. Celina Phillips (verified owner)

    As a mom of 3, most days I need a little something to keep me going till bedtime. This does the trick! Tastes good, works great & it’s an excellent value. This is my go-to energy drink.

  9. John Bilich (verified owner)

    I have been using X-mode for years now. I take a shot in the morning and one in the afternoon as I start getting tired from the stresses of the workday. I love it because it’s so cost-effective compared to the competitors. I also love how I can keep X-mode all over the place so that if I’m in a pinch I’ve always got a shot on hand. Card door (check), golf bag (check), on the boat (check). The list goes on and on. I actually keep one keg of Xmode in the kitchen and bought a second one for the office. My only disappointment is that they are currently out of Watermelon…it is superior in taste to the other flavors.

  10. willyone153 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using X-Mode Cherry daily for three weeks now and feel very comfortable recommending both the product and the company. After trying numerous types of energy drinks, and establishing a preference for energy shots to drinks, I’ve been consuming numerous 5-Hour Energy shots per day for years. However it was the high daily cost that only recently caused me to investigate less expensive options. I had questions re: X-Mode before ordering to which the company provided quick and helpful responses. I prefer shots primarily because of their convenience, that is, not having to drink a lot to get an energy boost. With shots I also put less emphasis on flavor however I find the cherry flavor, though sweet, to be very acceptable. But the big takeaway for me is X-Mode is a fraction of the price of 5-Hour Energy yet I find it to be as effective. Also it’s notable that I don’t experience any “crash” when X-Mode’s effect wears off. I find the “box of wine” style of packaging provides ease and convenience for home use and the (2) 2 oz. “On The Go” bottles provided with each order for “take-with” convenience. I found another cost saving in that X-Mode has more caffeine per ounce than 5 Hour Energy so I use less to attain a similar result. My order also came with a free shot glass which is very convenient for home use, however it should be noted that, on mine, the line marked “About 1 oz.” is 3/8″ higher than an accurately measured ounce which, due to X-Mode’s potentcy, translated to a notable enough increase in caffeine over a true ounce that I needed to be aware of the difference for my use. I think anyone looking for an effective, yet less expensive alternative for acquiring an energy boost should definitely consider trying X-Mode. I’m happy I found X-Mode and will be ordering regularly!

  11. Ronnie (verified owner)

    I love the flavor. I was skeptical, when I hear cherry flavored I think medicine cherry but that is not the case. It is more of maraschino cherries flavor. Even my wife likes it, and she hates the taste of most energy shots.

  12. Ranelle Seuffert (verified owner)

    I came across this product on Amazon because I was looking for a huge quantity of energy shots. I usually get mine from Costco. So I read the reviews on this on particular one and I decided to try. I have to be honest I was hesitant to try it at first but when I tried the first shot it was good. I am the type of person who takes a shot in the morning to wake me up. It’s like my cup of coffee. So the 100 servings on tap goes a long way for me! I think it is a way better than 5-hour and Kirkland’s. I would spend $43 for 48 ct on Kirkland’s brand (extra strength) and sometimes it’s on sale. But this is way cheaper for the quantity and I can reuse the bottles. Instead throwing 48 bottle out (or recycling). The cherry bomb flavor is the only one I tried and it smells like the cherry flavor in Coke and I think that’s why I like it. It’s not a strong taste and its very light and I like that! I do plan on subscribing to this! I think this is a clever idea as the energy shot is on tap and you can take what you want.

  13. jerrygibb (verified owner)

    My wife and I have been using X-Mode for years. One of the things my wife likes is that it doesn’t give her the jitters and keeps her going. I use it daily in the mornings and am good for the better part of the day. It is also good when you are traveling it keeps me alert and sharp. I never take more than 2 Oz per day and try to lay off 2 days a week or I have trouble sleeping. I recommend this over other products 1 because pf price and 2 because of taste. Give it a try I don’t think you will regret it.
    Jerry G.

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