X-Mode – Tangerine Scream

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Makes Your Taste Buds Scream!


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Tastes great!

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73 reviews for X-Mode – Tangerine Scream

  1. Christopher Pennell (verified owner)

    Xmode gives you tons of energy without the crash for a fraction of the cost!!! Awesome!

  2. Irving Riley (verified owner)

    Excellent taste

  3. Jerry Hobbick

    Originally did a search on Amazon for a energy drink, tired of spending to much money on the 5 hr drinks. Found X Mode and never looked back. Have ordered 5 of the 100 ounce containers now, even paid for the membership. Enjoy the Cherry and Tangerine flavors. Even got my son using X mode now. Outstanding product!!!

  4. Don Legault

    So convenient and money saving. Doesn’t make you feel all bloated up like the other energy drinks. The new tangerine is awesone.

  5. Jose Martinez (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for clean energy with a great taste! I love mine cold so I keep my boxes refrigerated.

  6. mrz7268 (verified owner)

    I prefer the original (just personal choice) , but overall love this product & dispensing method, the only concern is opening the spigot hole. I’ve purchased at least a dozen of these, but this time (my own fault of course) I punctured the inner bag cutting along the perforations. don’t know if anyone else had this occur, perhaps the scores could be deeper to facilitate opening without having to use a knife. still, a great product ill continue to buy

  7. Natalie (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for about a year since I found it. I am not a fan of Cherry flavored anything, but this one was decent. I was really excited when the Tangerine Scream came out! It’s tangy, but not too sour, not quite as powerful tasting as the Cherry, but it’s every bit as potent! I hope they keep on coming out with more flavors! I’m a HUGE Strawberry flavor lover, so there’s a good hint. Lol. 😛 This product is seriously a huge money saver. I use energy shots or drinks pretty much every day. I don’t think I really want to know the amount of money I’ve wasted on 5 hour energy shots(and similiar brands) alone. This is a huge help since my husband and I are recently married and starting out. Thank you XMode!

  8. Joe (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking spikes and redlines for years now, so when it comes to energy drinks the typical canned energy drink just doesnt cut it. When I discovered Xmode I was extatic to try it! Best price by far and it contained the crucial ingredients I look for when in need of a boost. Xmode delivered! Amazing product, I recommend it to everyone I talk to and because it’s so affordable I am able to offer them a sample too! Now My whole team at work is hooked! Thanks Xmode

  9. weioo01 (verified owner)

    I love everything about it – the dispenser rarely drips, the new flavor is great, and I prefer this over coffee due to my GERD. Tangerine is a bit sweeter when compared to Cherry.

  10. Daniel Pobst

    I always keep an box of x-mode in our office kitchen. I like the orange quite a bit more than the cherry, but the office seems split on that decision. Overall very happy with the amount of pick me up x-mode gives at a great price. Now I keep 2 boxes stocked!

  11. papahoward1 (verified owner)

    I don’t smoke or drink coffee so as a truck driver sometimes it gets hard to stay awake. I have used several other energy drinks but most of them taste horrible and leave you jittery. I love the taste of xmode and it does a great job of keeping me awake and energized! I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good pick-me-up!

  12. russell (verified owner)

    Really like the new flavor and the ability to control the serving amount. Great product.

  13. jerrygibb (verified owner)

    I have been using xmode since August 2015. I have found it to work great for me. Better then Energy drink extra and spark drink. It does not leave me feeling jittery but gives me a long level of higher energy. I take it daily in the morning around 10:00am and I’m good for up to 6 hours. I would and have recommended it to family friends and now you. GIVE IT A TRY!

  14. Steve Bapisteller (verified owner)

    We have been purchasing X-MODE PRODUCTS for about a year now.
    We use to purchase 5 hour energy in bulk from Sams club but it ended up not being a great deal in the long run. Then we tried Tweaker engery and for price we paid it was a good deal.
    One day I was searching the web for a better deal and I came across X-MODE and was very impressed with there price and packaging !
    So we said what the hell lets give it a try!
    WOW we are so glad we did. Cherry flavor is very good. We love the convenience of putting the dispenser in the fridge and having a cold shot anytime. We even fill our shot bottles that come with the product and take it on vacations with us.
    So when we got your email about your new flavor Tangerine Scream we were very excited to try it out! Glad we did. Great flavor!!!
    We now have a choice of two great flavors in our fridge!
    You cannot go wrong if you purchase these products. Price is excellent, convenient packaging, plus Priority Mail shipping is free.
    Thanks for offering us a great alternative to other energy products

  15. adgeclipse (verified owner)

    I use to drink 2 cans of energy drinks (Rockstar Orange Bloom flavor) every day until a friend told me about xmshot. I take 2 oz a day, 1oz in the morning and 1 oz around 2:00. I LOVE xmshot I did order Tangerine flavor but have not try it yet due to still have a box of cherry. Can’t wait to try it out. I’m now a huge fan of Xmshot no more Rockstars or Monster energy drinks.

  16. Gale (verified owner)

    XMode did a great job with the addition of this flavor to their product lineup. Works great, tastes great, no crash. I continue to be a loyal customer. Well done.

  17. Alan (verified owner)

    I like the Tangerine Scream flavor better than the original cherry flavor. It’s fruity and a bit tangy, but less intense than the original cherry flavor. I’ve always liked the tap dispenser — as opposed to the small individual 5 Hour Energy bottles — but wish I could pour out all the product without removing the plastic bag from the box. I usually drink half a bottle in the morning and the balance in the early afternoon. like the fact that X-Mode provides a “quiet” type of energy boost that lasts, rather than a HUGE spike followed by a crash. When I first tried X-Mode, I wasn’t quite sure that it had much of an effect. However, I found out that I was VERY wrong when I discontinued using the product for a week. I definitely was dragging through the day, especially the afternoons, without X-Mode. I started using the product again and haven’t looked back since!

  18. Pedro Cordero (verified owner)

    Love the new flavor. I’ve been buying cherry for a couple years now. Found this company on Amazon and then I saw they added a new flavor so I came to their website to double check it haha. Good tasting flavor. Has good effects. I normally drink an entire bottle per day. Half first thing in the am and then the other half mid-day. This product is so inexpensive it would be silly to pay 5 times the price for the same effects. O recommend this to all my friends and co-workers. Will continue to buy more. Customer service is also fantastic and they value their customers greatly. Also I hope they make more flavors!

  19. jerrduford (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased a new tap of X-Mode for my family every month since the first month we tried it. Extremely convenient, ‘just potent enough’, and affordable.
    That said, I was never a huge fan of the original flavor. The new stuff is GREAT and tastes just like Hi-C. One shot when I first wake up, one after lunch. Even on 5 hours of sleep on a long day (I know, no product is a substitute for a healthy lifestyle), I can keep going.

  20. nubbybug12 (verified owner)

    X-Mode is by far the most best, affordable and great tasting energy shots I’ve ever had. It also gives me the quickest and lasting energy I need. I used to buy the Stackers 2 shots. But with X-MODE I will never, ever switch to any others again. I found out about X-MODE through Facebook. Best advertising I’ve found on Facebook.

  21. Stephen (verified owner)

    Flavor- I am not always a huge fan of tangerine, but was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. It kind of reminds me of Tang.

    Product- I have been consistently buying the X mode boxes for months now and I am extremely happy I came across this product! It was getting insanely expensive (and inconvenient) to go and keep buying other brand name energy shots from convenience stores, or even at wholesale stores like BJ’s/Costco. You cannot beat the convenience and cost of X Mode shots. The quality is the same as any of the other top brands I have tried! Only wish is that I would love to have additional flavors to purchase!

  22. Jerry (verified owner)

    great as normal

  23. Matthew

    I’ve never been a coffee drinker and have relied on energy shots to get me going in the morning or a pick me up in the afternoon. This product is easy, convenient and is as if not more effective than it’s competitors at about 75% cheaper. Why didn’t I think of this! My orders always ship the same day and even from coast to coast arrives within two. The tap works perfect and my friends are amazed when they see the product. Both flavors rock! I’m on my 15th tap and anticipate purchasing many more. Thanks for a great product X-Mode!

  24. Natalie (verified owner)

    I really like that there’s a new flavor other than Cherry. I don’t care for anything Cherry flavored so this Tangerine is really good. A bit tart, but definitely good. Keep more flavors coming!

  25. Marie (verified owner)

    The xmode products are great but I’m thrilled there’s an option to cherry which gets a little boring day after day. Thank you xmode! Keep new flavors coming please.

    • ruthi (verified owner)

      I prefer the Orange Scream, thanks so much!

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