Introducing X-Mode Jacked Apple


X-Mode Energy Shots on Tap, Jacked Apple has been on the market for about two months and the reviews are simply fantastic. This is our newest flavor and some people find it to be our best. Jacked Apple is maximum energy on demand. Try today and get jacked with X-Mode, the world’s best energy shot!

7 thoughts on “Introducing X-Mode Jacked Apple”

  1. Ordered Jacked Apple but Watermelon arrived…. No customer service contact on the website? Huh?
    If out of stock and email with options would be appreciated since I stock all the flavors in my collection.

    Btw, still waiting on grape to arrive! Would love to see that flavor added to the collection!

  2. Fantastic product and Best flavor in my opinion, but often out of stock. When will it be back in stock? And how can I get on the subscription for $25.00 delivered? The link in your FAQ is broke. I have been purchasing for years, not sure why I never subscribed.

  3. Roy Williams

    Love the new Jacked Apple energy shot! I wish X-mode would have a box with 3 bags inside the box while each bag having the 3 flavors. The box would have 3 knobs for each flavor. I think Tangerine, cherry and Apple are all awesome and would love to have all 3 in a box LOL.

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