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What I Drink at Work (a blog) Reviews X-Mode

Genius Idea.” That is the summation of the X-Mode experience according to the reviewers at the blog, “What I Drink at Work.” The reviewers conclude that X-Mode is perfect for those who regularly consume energy shots because it tastes better and works better than most single serve shots.

Highlights of the review include the revelation that X-Mode tastes great mixed in club soda, and that a single ounce, is all that they needed to get moving. Check the full review here: The Blog, What I Drink at Work Reviews X-Mode


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X-Mode Launch

After years of work, we are proud to announce the soft launch of X-Mode Energy Shots on Tap. Our mission is to give people a better product at a better price. X-Mode is going to change everything in the energy shot market. Give us a try, if you don’t like us, we’ll refund your purchase.