What I Drink at Work (a blog) Reviews X-Mode

Genius Idea.” That is the summation of the X-Mode experience according to the reviewers at the blog, “What I Drink at Work.” The reviewers conclude that X-Mode is perfect for those who regularly consume energy shots because it tastes better and works better than most single serve shots.

Highlights of the review include the revelation that X-Mode tastes great mixed in club soda, and that a single ounce, is all that they needed to get moving. Check the full review here: The Blog, What I Drink at Work Reviews X-Mode


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  1. I don’t drink coffee so this is a great alternative for me. My favorite so far is Tangerine scream. But I really hope they come out with grape. I like the fact that it’s less recycling. Instead of throwing two 2 oz bottles every day I only do it once a month. Really like the concept of the box with a spout. Which is recyclable also. It’s cost is way less then any other energy drinks out there. I’ve used xmode for years now and it truly does work it’s snaps me out in the morning when I start yawning at work. Plus I even keep extra bottles just in case I go out of town so I can have my xmode away from home.

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