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Awesome Customer Testimonial

We love it when customers love X-Mode, so we were stoked to receive kind words of encouragement from a new customer. Check-out the email from A.H. of Wisconsin (identifying details removed):

I just wanted to take a brief break from studying (procrastinating) to tell you guys how much I enjoy your product. First of all, I ordered it on Friday and I received it yesterday – that is some fast delivery AND with free shipping! It also came just in time; this week I had three presentations at my internship, a presentation for class, two tests, and a paper due. Xmode is a fast and effective product that works on a conceptual and realistic level, and it has kept my energy levels up during this insanely busy week. Being a college student in his last year as an undergrad, the extreme cost efficiency of this product was one of the major selling points that attracted me as a buyer. Finally, the thing I was most impressed with was the taste. I bought this product with the expectation that I was going to have to cringe while swallowing down the bitter ounce of liquid like literally EVERY other energy shot I have tried (Rip-it, 5-hour energy, etc.). What I found was that it was extremely palatable and I look forward to my daily shot. The only suggestion I have for improvement is a larger variety of flavors.

I have and will sing your praises to other friends and consumers of energy drinks. I have already made a thread on [website name redacted by editor to preserve privacy] and the concept was well received. Keep up the great work, and I hope to see you around for a long time!

In follow-up correspondence we found out what A.H. is planning to do with his life. A great message from a great man.

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Energy Crisis Loves X-Mode

X-Mode is honored to be the featured product for YouTube channel “The Report Of The Week’s” Fourth Anniversary video. For four years, The Report Of The Week has delivered entertaining, dead-pan reviews of energy drinks under their sub-channel name: Energy Crisis. Check their video report below.

* X-Mode tastes like cherry and is far better than the market-leading shot
* X-Mode works as a concept and in reality
* X-Mode is a great value

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Watch This to see X-Mode in Action

The YouTube channel, “The ExtraSpot” has reviewed X-Mode. The video provides more evidence that X-Mode is perhaps the best-ever reviewed energy shot. In the video, the reviewer “Spot” opens the 50-serving box and shows how X-Mode is dispensed. See how easy it is.

* Excellent review of how to open 50-serving box
* How to dispense
* Reviewer likes that the tap doesn’t rip
* Reviewer likes the taste!

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CultMoo Reviews X-Mode (NSFW Language)

The three fine gentlemen of the YouTube channel CultMoo have reviewed X-Mode Energy Shots on Tap. Their consensus is that X-Mode tastes great (way better than the market-leading shot) and is a strong and effective product compared to the multi-billion energy drinks that are so common.

* X-Mode tastes great, way, way better than the market-leading shot.
* X-Mode works well and is much stronger than other products like the major energy drinks.
* Easy inference: if you are busy person, working a fast-paced job, then X-Mode is probably a great choice for you.

Feel free to checkout their unbiased review below. Language is definitely not safe for work.

Continue reading CultMoo Reviews X-Mode (NSFW Language)

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Mr. Happy Reviews X-Mode with an A+ for Energy!

YouTube channel MrHappy0121, a reviewer of energy drinks and popular food items, spent two weeks with our awesome 50-serving X-Mode Mini and the results are in. He loves it. Check his review below.

* X-Mode is an A or A+ for energy
* No crash, just smooth energy
* Great value
* See the X-Mode Mini – it looks fantastic. Put one of those bad boys on your desk and be the cool kid at work.

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“Peep THIS Out” YouTube Channel Reviews X-Mode

“Peep THIS Out” is a YouTube channel hosted by Ian Keiner. Ian K. creates awesome reviews for everything from beverages to fast foods to gadgets, producing a new review about twice per week. This makes Mr. K something of a reviewing expert. When we came across his channel, we reached out to see if he would review X-Mode. He agreed and off we shipped a Power Tower. Fortunately, he loved X-Mode and produced the awesome video below. Check it out.

* see how X-Mode serves fast and easily
* see both the shot glass and Mode-2-Go bottles
* see the clarity of X-Mode and hear Ian discuss the flavor

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Possessed by Caffeine Reviews X-Mode

One of the biggest names in drinks and energy product reviews is   When this Dr. of Energy speaks, people listen.  And the Dr. has spoken, rating X-Mode a perfect 10 for energy, a perfect 10 for packaging and a stupendously high 9 for flavor, an epic feat considering X-Mode has nearly 50% more caffeine per ounce than the leading brand.

Our favorite part of the review:  What more can I say – other than X Mode is a beast!

Check out the full review and his cool website here: Possessed by Caffeine Reviews X-Mode


PossessedbyCaffeine header

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What I Drink at Work (a blog) Reviews X-Mode

Genius Idea.” That is the summation of the X-Mode experience according to the reviewers at the blog, “What I Drink at Work.” The reviewers conclude that X-Mode is perfect for those who regularly consume energy shots because it tastes better and works better than most single serve shots.

Highlights of the review include the revelation that X-Mode tastes great mixed in club soda, and that a single ounce, is all that they needed to get moving. Check the full review here: The Blog, What I Drink at Work Reviews X-Mode